Why Wink?


Safety first! We only use top of the line, tried and tested FDA-approved equipment. With our accessible prices, all you've got to worry about is where your next destination will be!


Made for babes who live for sunny days, our laser treatments are always quick & easy. They never involve peeling or downtime and can be easily booked online, anytime.


Our neat-freak aesthetic nurses will be with you every step of the way while our lasers work their magic. Your only agenda is to get Wink-ed then have fun. :-)


What people are saying

"I was impressed to see that the area visibly whitened right after the treatment!"

Alyssa Yu

"And true to what it claims, the whole experience was pain-free and easy and lasted about 20 minutes each only."

Sophie Ramos

"After all the makeup is gone, how well can you rate your skin? We shy away after taking it all off, but running to Wink (the laser studio) boosts confidence as they laser us into evenness and spot-free glory with their new Revlite."


"My underarms have improved SOOOO much and I believe I'm hair-free already! I would have never had the guts to pose like this if it weren't for Wink!"

Angela Munoz

"My friends who saw me right after my sessions also told me that my face looked clearer and brighter. And whiter, too!!"

Micah Balili

"Despite its subtle, tenuous hideaway, Wink’s services are definitely one of a kind. Professional, hygienic and yet affordable, Wink is a secret you’ll definitely want to share."


"Laser hair removal at @winklaserstudio was the best decision ever."

Alyssa Gibbs

"Ever since my Revlite treatment, my skin never felt better! Thank you@winklaserstudio ♥♥♥"

Kimi Juan

"Wink Laser studio is painted with soothing and calming yellow, and detailed with their iconic asterisks. The staff are very accommodating and highly-trained and all of their equipment is high-tech, even with their login sheets."