Girl We Love: Tia Lacson


Tell us about yourself.

I'm a creative person who loves taking pictures, painting, and expressing myself through clothes and writing.
I'm a Blogger/ Real Estate Broker/ Airbnb Host/ Sales Manager/ Worship Leader ; This is what I do on a daily/ weekly basis. I also co-founded jointhejourneyph with a couple of friends to provide travel inspiration and was a part of the National Swimming team for about 8 years. :) 

What do you love the most about traveling?

I love discovering new places, hearing different languages, getting lost but loving it and learning about different cultures. But mostly I just love the feeling of being away for a while--staying at a different place, and ordering breakfast, and just spending the day going around.

Top 3 Favorite Places You've Been?

Bali, Jerusalem, and Australia so far.

Do you have a daily ritual?

Yes, after I say my morning prayer and drink a warm cup of coffee, I take a shower and put on sunblock and moisturizer on my face :)

What do you like most about Wink?

I love how Wink has made me love the skin I'm in. I used to just not care about my face and wish it'd look better one day but here comes Wink making me realize that daydream as soon as possible, and I don't only like that, that's what I love about you guys! Every time I get my Revlite sessions, I always feel so pampered and relaxed. After the session, I always notice that my skin has improved so much.. it's amazing.

How does/did Wink help you with your travels?

Since I love to be at beaches, make up isn't really necessary, so just a dab of cheek tint, and I'm already good to go because I'm confident with my face now. After getting the Revlite treatment, I also become more protective and aware of the harmful effects of UV on my skin and thanks to Wink, I take better care of my skin now.

What's always in your luggage?

Sunblock or tanning oil (depends on my mood)
Lip and Cheek tint
My camera
Slip on Sandals

Apps you can't live without?

VSCO and Lightroom for editing, Net-a-porter and Revolve for shopping, Pinterest for quotes and Inspiration and Instagram of course! :)

What were you in your past life, and what will you be in your next life?

I think I would be a dolphin in my past life since I've been swimming competitively for years, and still always swimming at the beach now and for my next life, definitely a mermaid. :))

What’s one thing that’s true in life?

Prayer can move mountains. <3