Girl We Love: Stan Castillo


What do you do?

Contrary to popular belief, I’ve got a job! There won’t be any adventure if I didn’t have the hustle to fund it right? So weekday late afternoons are for work as a copywriter/producer at a local network channel, and weekends are all for adventure! Oh and of course I’ve got the writing, social media management and events side-hustle too for my free time! Work hard, play hard 🙊

Best beauty secret?

Keep the tresses hairless! I cannot bear unruly hair. Wink Laser Studio keeps me polished and the confidence just follows!

What do you love most about Wink?

Besides the ultra quick results? Gee! The people! I always feel like I’m in good hands when at Wink.

Favorite Wink laser treatment?

Well, I’ve only tried Revlite and I’m hella impressed! With results like this, I’m hoping try out the others!

What could you eat everyday and not get tired of?

Tricky. But weird enough, I’m on my 5th day straight of having soup for breakfast, lunch, or dinner! And no, it’s not like it’s because I’m on a diet haha!

Favorite place that you’ve traveled?

On my birthday I flew to Siargao and spent 9 days in the island! I still laugh at myself now for having cried while on the habal-habal as I left for the airport! Let’s see if I’ll be crying again, I’m set to fly back this September! I just couldn’t be far from it for long 🙈

What emoji best describes you?

🙈🙉🙊 Isn’t it obvious yet haha

Last lesson learned?

Seat sales will suck the money out of you, but hey! It’ll revitalize future you! So, it’s a win-win!