Girl We Love: Kelsea Albano


What do you do when you are not traveling?

I go longboarding (Yes, GIRLS CAN RIDE!) and sometimes when I feel like it, I practice how long I can hold my breath in the pool. When I'm home I go on a Rick and Morty and Avatar the last Airbender marathon. I sometimes play the ukulele. I try to keep myself busy.

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What are your travel must-haves?

Reef friendly sunblock, flippers, goggles and of course my camera. I cannot travel without them! I love diving and taking photographs underwater.

What do you like most about Wink?

I love the great customer service and I love the quick and painless laser treatment!

How does Wink help you with your travels?

It makes me more confident to do a lot more activities wearing whatever I want.

Sunset or sunrise?

Sunrise. I miss it most of the time because I don't really wake up early, but once I get the chance to, it's always beautiful.

Do you have a travel bucket list?
If yes, what countries/places are on it?

Africa and Hawaii. I just want to see wild animals and swim with dolphins because honestly, my dream is to be a wildlife photographer. <3

Favorite beach?

Daku Island because of it's crystal clear water and soft white sand.

Preferred accommodations when traveling: hostel or couchsurfing, hotel, or Airbnb?

Hostels because I get to meet other amazing people.

If you can be anywhere right now, where would you be and why?

Siargao! It's just the place to be! It has everything, diving, surfing, good food and amazing human beings! I can't imagine a year without visiting Siargao. I'd go crazy!

If you can give us one travel advice, what will it be?

People nowadays are too focused on their photographs that they forget what is right in front of them. My advice would be take pictures but don't forget to live in the moment.