Meet Dr. Carmela Co


While our nurse therapists are equipped and well trained, should you wish to see a doctor, we would be glad to schedule you an appointment with any of our resident dermatologists. All of our resident dermatologists are Philippine Dermatological Society members.

Let's meet one of our doctors, Dr. Carmela Co.

"When I'm off duty, I like to watch movies or eat out with family and friends. I enjoy working at Wink, I like the ambience and the staff are friendly too. What I like most about RevLite is that it has a lot of uses. It could help with pigmentation and rejuvenation to name a few. I have personally tried RevLite and I really like the results."

Dr. Carmela is a resident dermatologist at our Greenhills location. You can visit her every Friday, 4:00 pm - 8:00 pm.