DIY Daily Grind Notepad

Cut to make four.

Cut to make four.

Kicking off Monday with a simple DIY notepad for everyday reminders and to-dos. We've used scratch paper but you can also print this on colored papers or any special paper you want. Place them on an acrylic clipboard (we've used the smallest one we found at our office) and voila! - Instagram worthy to-do notes. ;)


DIY Post-it notes


Get creative and make your OWN Post-It Notes! You can use these printable Post-It notes for quick reminders or print a bunch and give it to a dear friend.

All you’re going to need to make Printable Post-It Notes is a pack of 3″ Post-It Notes and a Post-It Note Printable Template.

Print one copy of the template, place a Post-It Note on each square and print!

Enjoy printing these templates or why not make your own! Show us your DIY Post-It Notes on Instagram by tagging us on your posts. ;)