Girl We Love: Ayla Gomez


What do you do when you're not traveling?

When I'm not traveling, I work on designs and the operations of a brand that I co-own with my cousin called, The Lost Nomad. We make travel bags and accessories. Aside from that, I also help out with our family businesses in Cebu. One of them is a small resort, Club Serena Resort in Moalboal, which is in the south and is a perfect spot for diving or snorkeling.

What are your travel must-haves?

My travel must haves are: my cameras (Sony RX100iii, GoPro for water adventures, and my Olympus film cam), I've only recently discovered the power of Lucas Papaw ointment! Great for sunburn and rashes. My The Lost Nomad bag, of course, usually a tote or the Bermuda round sling. A good book, or two. I still prefer a real book as opposed to a kindle. A little notebook for jotting down notes, a bikini, and some sunblock and lip balm.

What do you like most about Wink?

What I like most about Wink is how genuine the staff and therapists are. You immediately feel welcomed and relaxed as soon as they greet you. They are also very professional, well trained and are always very polite. Secondly, the place itself is well designed and doesn't feel at all like a clinic or a treatment center. Its very inviting and kept clean. 

How does Wink help you with your travels?

Wink helps me with my travels because now I don't have to worry about unwanted hair or stress out about my skin. They make me feel comfortable and very confident when I have to expose such areas to the sun or different elements. Its one less thing I have to worry about before leaving for a trip. I know my skin is taken cared for already, before and after I return.

Sunset or sunrise?

I've always been a sunset girl, but I also appreciate a good sunrise. It's a different calm in the morning as compared to end of the day.

Do you have a travel bucket list? If so, what countries/places are on it?

There are some places that I've been obsessing to go to, one of which is Morocco! I think I'll try to bring home every rug and lamp I run into. South Africa, and go on Safari because my grandfather would always go when he was younger. There's also Iceland, Oia, Greece, drive around the coast of Italy, south of France..ugh so many! Haha! South America and India too!

Favorite beach?

Favorite beach would have to be in Moalboal, the one in front of our beach house. Just because its home, and I grew up swimming, snorkeling, playing in the sand and diving in those waters. So many memories made on that beach! But the prettiest beach I've been to would most likely be in El Nino, Palawan. Hidden beach, because you have to swim under the limestone wall basically, through an opening, and then on the other side, reveals a beautiful white beach with shallow waters.

Preferred accommodations when traveling: hotel, hostel or couchsurfing, Airbnb?

I prefer to stay with relatives or a friend's home, but if that's not available then we usually go for an AirBnb, especially if we're staying for quite awhile. My BF and I also like to spoil ourselves a little bit, so we'll pick out a nice hotel for a few nights and then back to an Airbnb

If you can be anywhere right now, where would you be and why?

If I could be anywhere right now, I would be in a villa by the water in the south of France, clutching my family with me! Haha! My mom and I were just fawning over a beautiful yellow villa featured in a magazine, and we were imagining being there with our favorite people for the summer, enjoying the vineyard and roaming the side streets together. 

If you can give us one travel advice, what will it be?

One travel advice I will give is to always leave room for the unexpected. Usually those are the best memories in a trip. Keep your mind open to trying to new things, and not be so stuck on the "must do's" all the time. Oh, and one more thing, don't forget to pack underwear. ;)