Girl We Love: Angely Dub


What do you do when you're not traveling?

Most of the time I travel for work so I get a maximum of two weeks in the Philippines. Whenever I'm in the Philippines, I do catching up on my workouts, my family, my friends and yeah all the health stuff and my fitness stuff. I alot the stays to do my office work and catch up with my people in the office. I use my time very wisely.

What are your travel must-haves? 

My camera because I need to document like every single thing on the trip, my phone because I need to stay connected with everyone because I manage my business (Access Travel). I don't have managers in the office, it's just me so nothing can go through that I haven't approved yet. I approve everything so I really need to be online 24/7 or as much as possible. Third, I always keep medicines with me because I really don't get sick but when I get sick, I'm knocked down. Blu ray sunglasses, and I got this thing, a stress spot lotion from Origins. I just put it on my forehead, on my back, and on my wrist so you can sleep anywhere because I need to sleep on the plane so I don't get jet-lagged.

What do you like most about Wink?

I like the laser facial because it helps me when I sometimes get breakouts on my face. It really helps [reduce] my pimple marks and scars. Also, the laser whitening for my underarms, it lightens my underarms... because I'm really active and because of the friction, it gets dark. It also helps with my fine hairs.

How does Wink help you with your travels?

It helps me because I don't need to shave anymore, yay!

Sunset or sunrise?

I'm more of a sunset person. Though I've witnessed some amazing sunrises like that time I'm in Pokhara and saw the first ray of light in the Himalayas. The Everest and Nepal sunrises are also beautiful.  But I love the sunset! It reminds me that the days are done and you did good and tomorrow is a better day.

Do you have a travel bucket list? If so what countries/places are on it?

The thing is I really don't have a bucket list. I don't believe in bucket list, just my perspective. Whenever I think I'll go somewhere, I'll go there.


Favorite beach?

That's really hard. Maldives, of course! But I also really love all the beaches in the Philippines! The sand is so fine and perfect.

Preferred accommodations when traveling: hotel, hostel or couchsurfing, Airbnb?

I usually stay in hotels for my safety. I do try Airbnb sometimes, but I usually stay in hotels  because I need to workout, swim, etc.


If you can be anywhere right now, where would you be and why?

If I could just teleport somewhere, I'd wanna be in Madrid  so I can talk to this person I wasn't able to see the last time I was there. 

If you can give us one travel advice, what will it be?

Just go with the flow. You're not in a competition with anyone. The thing nowadays is people travel for the social media. Just let it sink in like what the destination has to offer. Just feel it. You don't really need to compete just because you see people travel to this place. Travel for yourself and not for other people. Get to know the people and talk to locals.