Sepoc Island

Hidden Paradises in the Philippines


Having 7,107 islands, it is no doubt that the Philippines is blessed with lots of majestic beaches. Check out these idyllic off-the-grid local beaches you can add on your bucket list:

Black Island.jpg

📍 Black Island

Named after the dark-colored limestone formations that stand tall at the center of the island, Black Island is a paradise you never want to miss out! While the contrast of the towering dark walls and sheer white sand alone offers a beautiful panoramic view, it also boast amazing underwater scenery. Aside from the plenty of fish and corals you can encounter while snorkelling, there also lays a shipwreck just near the shoreline of the Black Island.


📍 Casapsapan Beach

Casapsapan Beach is located in the town of Casiguran, Aurora where it is surrounded by sparkling clear blue water and five hectares of virgin mangroves that will surely take your breath away! A big table of coral by the beach is also one of the wonders of Casapsapan which only appears during low tide.

Sepoc Island.jpg

📍 Sepoc Island (Sepoc Point)

Situated at the western tip of Maribacan Island in Tingloy, Batangas, Sepoc Island (or Sepoc Point) is a popular dive destination for beginners because of its wide variety of marine life and colourful coral gardens. Sepoc also has a small hill which tourist can climb easily to get a panoramic view of Sepoc Island and Sombrero Island. Sepoc.

Tip: You can watch and witness newly-hatched sea turtles go on their first adventure back to the open sea here! 

Cagwait White Beach.jpg

📍 Cagwait White Beach

Hailed as the Boracay of CARAGA Region, Cagwait White Beach is located in the Municipality of Cagwait, 32 kilometers southeast of Tandang (Capital town of Surigao Del Sur). The clamshell-like white beach stretches its fine and powdery sand fronting the Pacific surf turquoise water and dense row of palm trees. Kaliguan festival is also celebrated in Cagwait White Beach in honor of St. John the Baptist where unique and exciting dance competitions are performed to look out for.

anguib beach.jpg

📍Anguib Beach

Another unspoiled paradise in the northeastern part of the Philippines, Anguib Beach sparkles with its clear and pristine turquoise waters. A perfect spot to relax and chill with its white sand with pine-like casaurina and glorious sunset over the Babuyan channel.