Samal Island

Aqua Sports Activities to try in Pearl Farm Beach Resort


Located in Samal Island in the Philippines, Pearl Farm Beach Resort have a lot to offer – from its majestic view to the underwater scenery that will definitely leave you in awe. If you’re an adrenaline junkie or just looking for a new kind of adventure, you can find out the best outdoor water activities for you to enjoy at this resort!



This place offers a complete diving package so you have a more in-depth experience of the majestic view under the sea.

Introdive with gear – Php 3000

Day Dive with gear – Php 1600

Night Dive with gear – Php 2100

Note: This activity requires a diving license to ensure the tourists safety.


Have a glimpse of the beautiful underwater view. Pearl Farm Beach Resort offers snorkelling set which you can rent for only Php 350 useable for the whole day! How amazing is that aye?



Take advantage of Samal Island’s abundant Marine life. Get face-to-face with taklobo (a local term for giant clams), only for Php 450 for 8 persons and above.

*if 8 persons and below plus boat charge, Php 1600



Get ready and hold on tight! You don’t want to see yourself falling into the water right? Experience this boat ride in 20 minutes (for up to 3 persons) for Php 1500.

*An additional of Php 500 is charged for every extra person.


If you’re up to a more intense water sport, wakeboarding and water skiing are perfect for you! Enjoy skiing on the surface water via boat for only Php 1750 which you can enjoy for the whole 20 minutes.



If you want to feel like an aqua version of iron man, hop on and try fly boarding! Experience flying with jet nozzles on at Php 4500 for 20 minutes.



Experience driving across the ocean! This place offers jetski rides for a fair price.

1 hour – Php 4500

30 mins – Php 2850

15 mins – Php 1500