5 Hidden Travel Destinations in the Philippines

Up for a halcyon getaway? Consider these underrated sights and destinations when you plan
your next adventure.

🖈 Binurong Point

Trek with the promise of a breathtaking sunrise. Located in Baras, Catanduanes, this recently opened cliffside, reminiscent of those in Batanes, has a picturesque view of blue skies and infinite seas.


🖈 Cabgan Islet

A 30-minute boat ride from Barobo, Surigao Del Sur will take you to an uninhabited, peaceful white sand beach. In the southern part you’ll find a small cove and a turtle shaped island that has its own secluded beach.
Tip: Do bring your own supplies because accomodations aren’t available in the area.


🖈 Niludhan Falls

Situated between the boundaries of Bawayan and Mabinay,Negros Oriental, hidden beneath a coconut and sugarcane plantation is a breathtaking waterfalls site. Put those photography skills to the test with how well you can capture those mesmerizing cascades of falling water.
Tip: We recommend visiting it during the rainy season because it dries up in summer.


Panguan Island

Or “Malamanok” as the locals call it, may be a former terrorist stronghold, but, this small island in Sitangkai, Tawi-Tawi is one hidden beauty. With white sand beaches ,turquoise waters, and coral reefs. The Philippine flag proudly stands on the island to rest the fear of tourist when visiting the island.


🖈Tiamban Beach

Bonbon beach isn’t the only beach that gets people coming to Barangay Lonos, Romblon. This small strip of secluded white sand beach is ideal for families or for those looking for a quiet getaway.
Tip: Tiamban Beach is equipped with basic facilities, attractive for tourists who plan to spend the night.