Your Guide to Sustainable Travel


Because our travel plans and decisions can make the world of difference. These simple travel hacks can help you see the world without leaving a trace. 


look for eco-friendly accommodations

Sustainable travel doesn’t mean foregoing a bed – choose a hotel that incorporates eco-friendly measures into place. Look into the hotels sustainability initiatives such as environment-friendly products or energy-efficient and conservation procedures. 

We really like this eco-luxe glamping resort in Baler :


BYOB – Bring your own Bottle

Being a responsible traveller can be as simple as bringing your own bottle and keeping less waste along the way. Did you know that reusing or recycling bottles can save enough energy to power a 60-watt light bulb for an entire day in 15 million households? So start opting for reusables rather than consecutively buying water bottles and plastic containers.

Photo credit: @andibanez

Photo credit: @andibanez

walk or bike

Minimize your carbon footprints by sneaking in some exercise while traveling by walking or biking. Walking or biking are some of the most environment-friendly ways to explore a destination. Bonus: These can help you see and discover other details about your destination that you might not notice when traveling by car. 

Buy Locally

Support local artisans by buying souvenirs that are locally made. This way the money you pay will go directly to local artists, small business and communities. 

TIP: Bring your own reusable bags when buying presents for you and your friends.

Saturday flea market finds 💙

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Be a  traveller, not a tourist

Travelling is a great opportunity to step outside your comfort zone and explore different cultures. Respect the places you visit. Immerse yourself in the local culture and broaden your horizon by learning about local traditions and culture.