Five Beaches to Visit in Pangasinan


If you’re itching to travel but don’t wanna go too far, Pangasinan is definitely one of your best choices! Known for its beautiful beaches, you’re sure to never run out of options. We’ve curated some of the best that you can check out for your next getaway:


📍 Abagatanen Beach

With its powdery white sand and crystal clear waters, you will fall in love with Abagatanen beach’s beauty. The water here is also shallow so you can enjoy dipping into the ocean even if you’re far from the shore. The place is still undeveloped and there are only a few establishments around the area so make sure to pack the essentials before you go there. You can also go sightseeing near the beach where a lagoon and some rock formations can be found.



📍Cabongaoan beach

Another beach worth exploring is this white sand beach in Burgos, Pangasinan which is a few hours away from Manila. Plan a road trip with your friends and make sure to visit their famous “Death Pool” — a natural swimming pool that forms near the beach whenever the tide comes in and fills it with saltwater.



📍Colibra Island

Colibra Island is a well-known destination in Dasol. Tip: walk to the western part of the island for a perfect view. The island has crystal clear water and fine white sand, ideal for snorkeling and swimming. There are no cottages and stores in the area so make sure to bring your own food and drinks or other necessities.



📍Tambobong Beach

With several resort accommodations and restaurants around the area, Tambobong beach makes it a worry-free beach getaway, especially for family vacations. It’s also the perfect place to relax and de- stress because the beach is calm and beautiful especially during sunrise and sunset.



📍Tondol Beach

Tondol beach is located in Anda where it is surrounded by mountains and a beautiful view of the sea. It’s definitely a destination where you can enjoy a variety of activities like swimming, having a picnic, or beach volleyball with your friends and loved ones.


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Cabongaoan Beach: @monalyneduardo
Colibra Island: @iammya18
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