Amazing Local Beach Resorts Worth Checking Out


Looking for some nice beaches with great amenities where you can relax, have peace and quiet time, and enjoy nature all at the same time can be hard sometimes if you don’t know where to look.

We’ve rounded up several beach resorts you’ll surely enjoy whether it’s a last minute vacation or a long weekend getaway.


Côte Resort, Aurora

What we love about this resort:

🌴 Located at the edge of a 3.6 hectare coconut plantation
🏄 Complimentary surf lessons
👌 Unlimited fresh buko
🔥 Campfire under the stars at night


Lotus Shores Siargao

What we love about this resort:

💪 Ideal place for the yogi, surfer or conscious adventurer
🍍  Serves delicious and healthy food
🏡 Has different accommodations to suit your preferences and budget


Momo Beach House, Bohol

What we love about this resort:

🌞Offers stunning seaside and sunset views
🏠 Eco-friendly amenities
🌿 Nature-inspired architecture


The Birdhouse El Nido

What we love about this resort:

😶 Located away from the noisy crowd
🌊 Just a few minutes away from Maremegmeg Beach
Boutique glamping experience
💡 Each tent has solar powered lamps