7 Offbeat Local Places to Visit for Your Next Getaway


We’re truly blessed to be in a tropical paradise that offers tons of options to enjoy some sun, sea, sand and waves. We’ve gathered 7 offbeat local destinations that will surely make you appreciate how beautiful the Philippines is even more.


Danjugan Island, Negros Occidental

Danjugan is a protected marine sanctuary that can be found in Negros Occidental. With its forests and quiet beaches, it’s the perfect place if you just wanna relax and be one with nature.


Balabac Island, Southern Palawan

If you’re into some major relaxation, the calm waters from the beaches in Balabac Island will surely do the trick. With no wifi and limited signal, it’s the perfect getaway to disconnect from the internet and the city life.


Seco Island, Antique

This elbow-shaped island is surrounded by clear, blue green water. With its fine, white sand, this island is perfect for camping and beach outings. Aside from that, having flat waters and strong winds, this island is also great for kite surfing.


Cabongaoan Beach, Pangasinan

Don’t wanna go too far? You don’t need to book a flight to reach this paradise in Pangasinan. Plan a road trip with your friends and make sure you check out their famous “Death Pool” which is a natural swimming pool that forms near the beach whenever the tide comes in and fills it with saltwater! ;)


Samboan, Cebu

If you’re looking for a paradise in Cebu other than Oslob or Alegria, you’ll never go wrong with Samboan. Gifted with numerous waterfalls, a journey to Samboan will surely satisfy your wanderlust. You can also go back in time and learn about the town’s history by visiting their heritage structures.


Concepcion, Iloilo

Go beyond the usual Iloilo and experience island living by going to Concepcion. This place is gifted with beautiful beaches and sandbars perfect for island hopping.


Gubat, Sorsogon

Perhaps one of Sorsogon’s best kept secret, Gubat is a must-add on your local bucketlist for a one of a kind vacation experience. Facing the Pacific Ocean, its wide empty beaches are ideal for some fun activities like volleyball and frisbee. The constant waves are perfect not only for surfers but for beach lovers as well. ;)


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