Skin resolutions to make this 2018 that will make your travels hassle-free

If you’re on your way to your dream destination, the last thing you should worry about is your skin. To help you have that worry-free, fuss free and carefree travels, we’ve come up with some skin resolutions that will make your travels hassle-free this 2018:

Skin Resolution #1


If you're going to do something now that your future self will thank you for, this is it! While it's always fun under the sun, sun damage is one of the top concerns every beach babe experience during their travels. Make sure to always put on a sunscreen while travelling (and even on a daily basis too!) to protect your skin from the harsh sun rays and help prevent the premature signs of aging for an always on-the-go skin every day.

Skin Resolution #2


Go on a pain-free, fuss free journey with our laser hair removal and never worry about unwanted hair. No more shaving means more time for adventures!

Skin Resolution #3


You can worry about your itinerary but not your face — whether you're swimming, hiking, or just chilling get that clear, bright, and dewy glowing skin even without make-up with the help of Wink's Revlite Laser facial treatment.

Skin Resolution #4


Less skin to cover, more places to discover. Get sun-ready with our fan favourite laser that whitens underarms, buttocks, elbows or knees. Our laser whitening treatment can also effectively erase bumps and chicken skin. Swim confidently in your favourite bikini without being conscious about uneven skin tone.