Kimi Juan tells us what's in her suitcase


I love packing clothes I'm comfortable in. I own mostly Beachwear, but if I'll be getting on a plane I always pack a sweater, a light coat, and some joggers.

I always bring a toiletry bag with me when I travel, I cannot live without my skincare products, and it consists mostly of a cleanser, toner, SUNSCREEN (of course!), moisturizer, hair oil and tanning oil, perfume, hand cream and lip balm with SPF. 


I can never travel without my camera, no matter how heavy it is, I'll take it with me, and I can never leave home without a light pair of sandals.

I love taking a hat with me to protect my face from extra bright days, and a tote, because you always need one. Of course, my phone, just to stay connected to the folks back home and so I can keep up with socials, my passport (very important!) and headphones. I put all my essentials in my favorite suitcase from Away because it’s super light and durable!


I love earthy colors, I never wear anything with too much print on them, and i love keeping things simple with neutral colors. I love how neutral colors can be paired with anything and you can always mix and match outfits.


If I can share one packing tip or hack, it would be to keep things simple, don't overthink it! I used to hate packing but now I love it because I take only the essentials with me. I always create a list of things I need to bring for every travel and it helps me bring everything I need. In the past I've forgotten a lot of things while packing, and keeping a list makes things easier. Always bring a tote when traveling, always bring extra shoes, and always pack an extra set of clothes, just in case you're feeling spontaneous.


"Keep things simple, don’t overthink it!"

Photos all from Kimi Juan