5 places to visit for your holiday getaway


Because our version of white Christmas is spending the Holidays with our loved ones somewhere sunny with white sand between our toes and having tons of adventure

Photo credit : @batanestours

Photo credit: @batanestours

📍 Batanes

Located in the northernmost province in the Philippines, Batanes offers a unique blend of breath-taking sceneries - from the mighty stone houses to the towering sentinels standing on strikingly dramatic cliffs. Its untouched beauty is a proof of the local people's (Ivatans) respect for the nature which makes Batanes a place that breathes magic that's perfect for the holidays.

Photo credit: @shieladventures

Photo credit: @shieladventures

📍 Iloilo

Experience a major holiday trip at the heart-shaped Panay Island in Central Philippines. Dip into Panay Island’s amazing white sand beaches and huge coastlines while sunbathing and sipping a cocktail from a coconut, but there’s more to Panay than what you know - from Panay Island’s mountainous, jungled interior that has yet to be fully mapped to its rich culture and activities from across the province.

Photo credit:  @dindeguzma

Photo credit: @dindeguzma

📍 Marinduque

“Heart of the Philippines” – Marinduque is a treasure trove of surprising and out-of-the-ordinary natural beauty. Surrounded by the crystalline waters of Sibuyan Sea and Tayabas Bay, Marinduque offers various white sand beaches, well-preserved diving sites, enchanting caves, rejuvenating hot springs and tranquil islets which makes it the perfect getaway not just during the holidays but all-year round.

Photo credit: @crissylakwatsera

Photo credit: @crissylakwatsera

📍 Negros Occidental

Being the fourth largest in the country with beautiful spots still unknown to many, Negros Occidental is not just a destination for relaxation but also an ideal Christmas getaway for every underwater enthusiast! Its coasts are strewn with white sand, its streets flanked with historic buildings, and its islands blessed with rich natural resources.

Photo credit:  @viewfromdrone

Photo credit: @viewfromdrone

📍 Palawan

Enjoy the nature’s prowess and give in to the majestic paradise of Palawan. Dubbed as the “Last Frontier”, Palawan is a tropical paradise for those looking to get away from the busy streets of the city and wanting to enjoy few days of serenity, tranquillity and communing with nature this holiday season.