Five Ways to Stay Fit on the Road




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Staying on track has got to be one of the things we all find difficult to maintain while on the road. We’re so preoccupied with the things we want to see, the activities we want to do, and the food we want to eat that staying on track is our last concern. So, the best solution would be incorporating simple tweaks in our days that we won’t even need to think too much about.


Stay hydrated

It may occupy some space in your luggage but I firmly believe that we must BYOB. Bring Your Own Bottle. Water bottle that is. While it helps conserve the environment, saves you a couple of bucks, it also keeps you hydrated. We often mistake dehydration as hunger and we end up binging on unnecessary fastfood to satiate us. So, maintaining the 8-10 glasses of water daily is essential.



Bring a good, comfortable pair of walking shoes

Most people end up wearing sneakers or rubber shoes, boots even, but find a nice pair of shoes you could pretty much match with most of your clothes. I found myself a pair of boots I could wear with almost all my clothes when I travel and they’re both comfy and light.

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Choose sightseeing activities that involve a little physical activity, may it be a walking or cycling tour of the city.

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I personally do a little yoga whenever I can wherever I go. If I cannot find the time to make it to class I’ll inject even a short 15-20 minute practice right before I head out.

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There is so much food to try in new places that I wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to try them all. And since I do travel around and if I’m with other people I opt to share whatever I get with who I’m with. To save money we also purchase different kinds of food we would want to try and share it with each other. Saves us some money and those extra calories too!

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Andi Bañez is a traveling yoga teacher having taught in beautiful islands like Balesin and Siargao here in the Philippines. While she’s in Manila she’s teaching in her home studio, Urban Ashram Yoga. She’s an avid reader and enjoys meeting and learning about people. Lately, she’s developed a liking to reading tarot cards. Follow her on Instagram: @andibanez |