Travel Guide: Boracay's less popular beaches


Let’s be real: our main agenda why we go on vacation is to relax and forget our busy and noisy lives in the city. And while Boracay is the perfect choice to unwind, it has become more crowded and instead of feeling relaxed and carefree, you just end up feeling more stressed and restless which is a huge nope. Don’t fret, babe! We’ve gathered some less popular beaches in the island where you can have fun or do nothing at all minus the grating tourists.

Puka Beach

This paradise is considered as the second longest beach in the island. You can get here in just 15 minutes when you ride a trike from D’Mall. Enjoy your stay here by checking out some nifty souvenirs and feasting on delicious food and drinks.



Ilig-Iligan Beach

This beach isn’t very popular to the tourists because it has no restaurants nor accommodations. You can get to Ilig-Iligan from Puka beach in just 20 minutes. You can either rent a motorcycle or ride a tricycle to get there. This picturesque beach is ideal for some cute selfies and group photos.



Bulabog Beach

Bulabog beach can be found on the other side of the island, opposite to White beach. Although it’s permeated by some restaurants and lodgings, it is still less crowded compared to White beach. This is definitely the right place to de-stress and just relax under the sun. Did we mention the windy weather here is perfect for kitesurfing? ;)


Going to these beaches may take a little more effort, but what makes it so much worth it is the best kind of vacation experience it’ll give you. 😉 If you’ve been to these less popular beaches in Boracay, we wanna see your photos! Tag us using the hashtag #Winkgoesplaces. 💛


Photo credits:
Puka Beach    |    Ilig-iligan Beach    |    Bulabog Beach