Benefits of Getting Laser-ed


Hair removal can be kind of tricky—from waxing to shaving, epilation to using depilatory creams, sometimes it seems there isn’t an ideal way to get rid of that fuzz.

Enter Wink’s Gentlemax Pro Laser Hair Removal. Here are some reasons why it’s the ideal solution to say goodbye to your razor for good!


The only thing temporary is the side-effects, but the results are long lasting. ;)


Now, it only takes 10 minutes to remove unwanted underarm hair permanently making it more convenient compared to other methods of hair removal. ;)


Waxing may be the obvious cheaper choice if you base it on price per session, but surprise! laser is the cheaper option. Check this link: to find out how much you can save from laser. ;)


It causes no damage to the dermis unlike plucking and waxing that can lead to ingrown hairs and damage the skin.


Shaving may seem like a quicker task, but if you’re all about efficiency, you know you can spend more time doing things more worthwhile rather than shaving. And come on, the thought of never, ever shaving again? Tell me you’re not smiling. ;)


No more burns! Unlike waxing, with Gentlemax Pro you can enjoy smooth skin with less upkeep. ;)


With Wink’s Gentlemax Pro laser hair removal, there’s no room for hairs to get missed. You’re sure that hair growth is reduced session after session.


Once you’ve had your laser treatment done, you can forget about it until the next one. Your therapist will book your next appointment 6 weeks later, so you can just get on with life and forget about it until then.


You don’t have to pay your treatments all at once
We have installment options and discounted programs that you can avail. ;) You can also take advantage of Wink's various payment options such as cash, debit card, major credit cards and Sodexo vouchers.



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