Laser Facial

with Revlite / QX Max

Treatment time: 20 mins


Whether you’re swimming, hiking, or just chilling at the beach, get comfortable in your own skin sans make-up.

here's how it's done:

Step 1: Your face will be wiped clean by your nurse to remove any dirt or make-up.

Step 2: Before starting the treatment, you'll be asked to wear our sterilized goggles and a disposable headband.

Step 3: The laser will pass through the area several times until the skin has reached the endpoint, which is either mild redness or warm to touch.



👵  Fine lines

💧  Pigmentation

😬  Dull skin

😞  Pimples

😡  Blemishes

⭕  Pore size


📅  Repeat treatment every 2-4 weeks


➖  No peeling, red marks, or downtime

✨  Leaves skin glowing after each treatment

⚡  Quick & easy, takes as little as 20 minutes


🔁  6 - 12 sessions


Available at all Wink Laser Studio locations.


What others are saying about it


After my Revlite laser facials with Wink, I got an instant confidence boost because it's done wonders for my skin from treating my blemishes, fine lines, pore size, pigmentation, and dull skin. Now I show more of my face in photos and don't hide behind the camera as much as before"

Gem Muzones

Feeling more confident and happier with my skin again.😉Thank God there’s @winklaserstudio to help me get rid of the dark pimple marks and hyper-pigmentation on my face little by little through Revlite facial. Really loving the positive results!✨"

Kat Malicsi

..because of Wink, my acne marks are slowly fading and I'm more confident to go bare-face without worrying."

Angel Dei

"Mah fav place @winklaserstudio!! Can't wait for my revlite sesh!"

Camille Castañeda

"Wink, I could say, boosts my confidence when traveling knowing my skin looks good without any coverage."

Chill Torralba

"Every time I get my Revlite sessions, I always feel so pampered and relaxed. After the session, I always notice that my skin has improved so much.. it's amazing."

Tia Lacson

"As a Photographer, I rarely have pictures of myself, since I'm behind the camera almost everyday. My face is also a big factor why I don't usually post portraits of me, but luckily Wink's #Revlite helped my skin look so much better!"

Kat Dannug

"barefaced Sundays made better by #Revlite. thank you, @winklaserstudio!! ✨"

Hannah Bautista

"Living in a tropical country is really taking a toll on my skin, and the battle scars from acne-ridden pubescent days of yore don't help either. For those with the same problem, @winklaserstudio might be your hallelujah! I'm currently on my third session, and excited to achieve "Woke-Up-Like-This" nirvana. ✨"

Isabella Argosino

"Skin first!@winklaserstudio's Revlite Laser Toning is perfect for a quick yet effective laser fix: Banish pigment, pore, and pimple problems and start waking up to perfect skin everyday! Cheap, easy and effective. Gracias, Wink Greenhills!"

Trisha Velarmino

"Not ashamed to go out bare faced☺ "No make up no problem" day today c/o @winklaserstudio!!! #revlite laser removes any dark spots, uneven skin tones and even unwanted hair!!!😰😰😰"

Ira Oyco

"Been going out make-up free a lot more lately thanks to the magic that is @winklaserstudio's revlite laser toning therapy. ⚡️"

Jeline Catt

"I felt right at home in Wink. Comfort definitely comes first in their modern and clean treatment rooms, whilst the specialized staffs are sure to get the job done efficiently, but aren’t pushy with the services they offer"

Kim Mendoza

"I only did two sessions, but honestly did see a good improvement already."

Cat Juan Ledesma

"Had my second RevLite session today at @winklaserstudio 💛💛💛 No make up day today thanks to WINK"

Cha Ocampo

"Got to try the RevLite Complexion Correction for face at @winklaserstudio 💕 can't wait to have blemish free, scar free skin"

Ida Anduyan

"To tell you honestly, I don’t usually go for facials or have any procedure done on my face. I had the guts to try Wink’s RevLite laser therapy since I’ve been reading a lot of great reviews about this procedure and most of my friends have already tried it."

Rhea Bue

"Had my first RevLite laser therapy session at @winklaserstudio ATC! I had to keep from giggling from the tickles. Their service, branding and interiors are too spot-on. 👌"

Bea Marquez

"One of the few times I'm out without any make-up, and it feels great! Skin feels so fresh after a Revlite Laser Toning session at @winklaserstudio in BHS. Now I'm excited for my 2nd session next week! 😉"

Sara Martinez

"Their branding is so consistent at every touchpoint! Also: Best customer service + experience design in the metro. Wink loyalists will know what I mean 😉"

Arriane Serafico

"I’ve only had 3 sessions of Revlite Complexion Correction, but to be fair, I can say all my visits to Wink were nothing but pleasant and I look forward to going each time (plus points for Wink’s exceptional staff and gorgeous interiors). I also saw my skin tone improve in the past couple of days!"

Tin Iglesias

"I love how I feel so at home whenever I attend my session!"

Miko Carreon

"While undergoing extractions, my facialist of 2 years asked if I was under a new skin care regimen or had undergone any new treatments lately. I thought about it and casually mentioned that I had (Revlite) laser therapy the week prior. To which she said, "Oh so that's why! Your comedones are all dried up and easier to extract! Your skin is much, much better, too!"

Kira Ramirez

"Wink has since then expanded into laser treatment technology, starting with RevLite in 2014 and now with Gentlemax Pro, a new laser system for permanent hair reduction. The best thing about it is that it’s practically pain-free! You may feel a slight sting that lasts a mere split second, almost as if it never happened."

"They adhere to the strictest hygiene policies: no double-dipping, no re-using of sheets, towels, or spatulas, technicians don masks and gloves, and they sanitize and sterilize the area in between sessions."


"Wink Laser studio is painted with soothing and calming yellow, and detailed with their iconic asterisks. The staff are very accommodating and highly-trained and all of their equipment is high-tech, even with their login sheets."

"Despite its subtle, tenuous hideaway, Wink’s services are definitely one of a kind. Professional, hygienic and yet affordable, Wink is a secret you’ll definitely want to share."

"If you can’t afford the laser hair removal yet, get a wax instead and sport photo-worthy underarms and gams without spending a fortune. For a quick fix during lunch time, head over to Wink."

"Claustrophobes and germophobes can find a safe haven here as the studio promises no double-dipping, no reusing of sheets, and a sterile, super-spacious room for each customer."

"At Wink they believe that hair removal should be done on a regular basis, which is why they made sure to make it available and affordable."

"We recommend going to a salon that handles hair removal exclusively, because the staff train specifically for that purpose."

"After all the makeup is gone, how well can you rate your skin? We shy away after taking it all off, but running to Wink (the laser studio) boosts confidence as they laser us into evenness and spot-free glory with their new Revlite."

preview magazine

"Aside from their extra clean and cozy atmosphere, Wink specializes in comfort in all their grooming services."

garage magazine

"It'sall about choosing the right hair removal studio."

Sense and Style magazine

"Our new favorite for diode laser hair removal, Wink Laser Studio, has cool interiors and competitively priced treatments for the vain-bride-on-a-budget."

preview magazine

"Thinking of getting rid of unwanted hair for good? Wink Laser Studio offers a permanent respite from unsightly fuzz absolutely anywhere on your body, from your face, to your underarms, to your toes."

metro magazine

"Say hello to Wink, the newest destination that vows to give superior service at a price that can’t be beat."


"While most studios use IPL or intense Pulsed Light, Wink chose Diode Laser for its effectivity."


"The cost of being hair-free is not easily affordable nor comfortable for everyone: some salons are top expensive, while some offer low prices but scrimp on quality. This is where Wink Laser Studio, the newest grooming salon in BGC, comes in."

soul bgc magazine

" Wink Laser Studio offers pain-free hair removal services. It uses a machine that prioritizes client's comfort, a Diode Laser which is known for its effectivity and comfort."

Business World

"At Wink, being hair-free is pain-free!"

Manila Standard Today


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