Diode Laser Hair Removal


The ideal laser for those looking for a gentle yet effective treatment.
Wink's Diode Laser is the solution to pain-free and permanently fuzz-free journey.

here's how it's done:

Step 1: Unwanted hair is shaved before cold gel is applied to the area.

Step 2: The laser is applied to the skin in-motion, to selectively heat and destroy the hair follicles without damaging the surrounding tissue (the skin).

Step 3: The gel is wiped off – and just like that, you’re done!


where can it be done?

💪  Anywhere there’s unwanted hair

💯  Fan-favorites: underarms, brazilian, legs

how often should it be done?

📅  Repeat treatment every 6 - 8 weeks

why do people love it?

🍃  Pain-free. Treatment feels like a hot stone massage

🙅  Eliminates ingrown hairs

➖  Less hair grows back after each session

how many sessions will i need?

🔁  6 - 12 sessions


Available only at Trinoma and East Ortigas.


What others are saying about it


"Thank you @winklaserstudio for my summer ready/ hair free skin all day everyday!"

Amiel Abcede

"In conclusion, I really really ended up liking Wink! Not only were they professional, but they really value your safety — which is why they keep the place spectacularly clean, thoroughly brief you about your procedures, and even follow-up and remind you about what NOT to do after the treatment!"

Camie Juan

"Thank you @winklaserstudio for yet another lovely and safe session + top-notch service. Every visit since the first still feels like magic. ✨"

Sofia Cope

"It’s been months now since my last Wink treatment. I know this will sound weird, but I can finally count the number of hairs I have on my underarms."

Kisty Mea

"Wink has since then expanded into laser treatment technology, starting with RevLite in 2014 and now with Gentlemax Pro, a new laser system for permanent hair reduction. The best thing about it is that it’s practically pain-free! You may feel a slight sting that lasts a mere split second, almost as if it never happened."


"They adhere to the strictest hygiene policies: no double-dipping, no re-using of sheets, towels, or spatulas, technicians don masks and gloves, and they sanitize and sterilize the area in between sessions."


"Wink Laser studio is painted with soothing and calming yellow, and detailed with their iconic asterisks. The staff are very accommodating and highly-trained and all of their equipment is high-tech, even with their login sheets."


"Despite its subtle, tenuous hideaway, Wink’s services are definitely one of a kind. Professional, hygienic and yet affordable, Wink is a secret you’ll definitely want to share."


"If you can’t afford the laser hair removal yet, get a wax instead and sport photo-worthy underarms and gams without spending a fortune. For a quick fix during lunch time, head over to Wink."


"Claustrophobes and germophobes can find a safe haven here as the studio promises no double-dipping, no reusing of sheets, and a sterile, super-spacious room for each customer."


"At Wink they believe that hair removal should be done on a regular basis, which is why they made sure to make it available and affordable."


"We recommend going to a salon that handles hair removal exclusively, because the staff train specifically for that purpose."


"After all the makeup is gone, how well can you rate your skin? We shy away after taking it all off, but running to Wink (the laser studio) boosts confidence as they laser us into evenness and spot-free glory with their new Revlite."

preview magazine

"Aside from their extra clean and cozy atmosphere, Wink specializes in comfort in all their grooming services."

garage magazine

"It'sall about choosing the right hair removal studio."

Sense and Style magazine

"Our new favorite for diode laser hair removal, Wink Laser Studio, has cool interiors and competitively priced treatments for the vain-bride-on-a-budget."

preview magazine

"Thinking of getting rid of unwanted hair for good? Wink Laser Studio offers a permanent respite from unsightly fuzz absolutely anywhere on your body, from your face, to your underarms, to your toes."

metro magazine

"Say hello to Wink, the newest destination that vows to give superior service at a price that can’t be beat."


"While most studios use IPL or intense Pulsed Light, Wink chose Diode Laser for its effectivity."


"The cost of being hair-free is not easily affordable nor comfortable for everyone: some salons are top expensive, while some offer low prices but scrimp on quality. This is where Wink Laser Studio, the newest grooming salon in BGC, comes in."

soul bgc magazine

" Wink Laser Studio offers pain-free hair removal services. It uses a machine that prioritizes client's comfort, a Diode Laser which is known for its effectivity and comfort."

Business World

"At Wink, being hair-free is pain-free!"

Manila Standard Today



1 session: P1,500
12 sessions: P13,500

*Can be shared with a friend
*Up to 12 months installment


1 session: P2,500
12 sessions: P22,500

*Can be shared with a friend
*Up to 3 months installment


1 session: P4,000
12 sessions: P36,000

*Can be shared with a friend
*Up to 12 months installment

extra large

1 session: P8,000
12 sessions: P72,000

*Can be shared with a friend
*Up to 12 months installment

12-Session Packages can be used on up to 2 body parts or shared with a friend.