How to deal: BLEMISHES


Ah, those pesky blemishes. We’ve probably encountered various products that promise to erase that pimple or lighten those spots. If you’ve tried a gazillion of products but nothing worked, then it’s probably time for you to do the next step: Get lasered.

What is Revlite Laser?

Wink’s Revlite laser is a quick laser treatment that uses short pulses of laser light that goes deep into the skin to treat common skin problems. Why is it a good option to erase those blemishes? Because Revlite is designed to target and fight pimples and reduce deep, embedded acne scars, leaving your skin glowing after each treatment.

You might be spending on skincare products, but sadly, they are not 100% absorbed by the skin. With Revlite, the laser penetrates deeper into the skin, addressing skin concerns such as pimple, pore and pigmentation.


Here’s a special treat for you:
Pay the first 3 sessions at P3,500/session instead of P7,000/session
Revlite is available at all Wink locations except Wink SM City East Ortigas