Girl We Love: Gem Muzones


Fun fact about you: 

People know me as part of a traveling couple but I actually love traveling alone. I've been traveling by myself since I was in high school. My first international travel was a solo trip too!

What do you like most about traveling?

The sights, meeting amazing locals and experiencing different cultures are a given. What I really like the most when traveling is when plans change due to inevitable mishaps, that's when the adventure really begins! I'm a very detailed planner, I organize everything months prior our trips. So when faced with challenging situations, we're forced to quickly think of solutions and we end up exploring more of the destination, making the trip more unforgettable. Luckily for us, things always work out in the end. 


What do you do when you're not traveling? 

I work at a fun digital marketing company that really gives importance to work-life balance so I get to travel to my heart's content, maximizing long weekends, holidays, vacation leave credits and the best perk, working remotely. Good thing there are plenty of destinations near Manila that we can just drive to every weekend if we're craving for another trip at the last minute. 

Travel must-haves? 

Staples in my luggage: microfiber towel, dry bag, packing cubes, GoPro and mirrorless camera, insect repellent, tanning oil, and sunscreen. 

First thing you do once you reach your travel destination? 

Ask the locals where they love to eat! Those are usually cheap but really good food. And I'm always hungry. 


App you use most when you travel and what do you use it for? 

Traveloka for booking cheaper flights and hotels (I love their promo codes) and Evernote to keep track of our expenses and to take notes for our blog writing. 

What's your go-to traveling hack or tip? 

Stick to DIY. Most people believe they get a great deal when they book an all-in package tour, but what they don’t know is that they can get an even better deal when they do their own planning. Plus, you manage your own time and do whatever you want at your own pace.

What do you like most about Wink? 

Wink understands the needs of frequent travelers. With 7,641 islands in this country, we have so many beaches and islands to explore that we end up getting too much sun exposure. Wink gives your sun damaged skin the TLC it badly needs so you can go to as many beach trips as you want with bare but beautiful skin that's always camera ready. 


How does Wink help you with your travels? 

After traveling for years, my skin got so much sun exposure, especially my face, the part of my body that I'm most insecure about! After my Revlite laser facials with Wink, I got an instant confidence boost because it's done wonders for my skin from treating my blemishes, fine lines, pore size, pigmentation, and dull skin. Now I show more of my face in photos and don't hide behind the camera as much as before. 

Favorite travel memory: 

The first trip Beep and I went to will always be my favorite. I had an extra ticket to Malasimbo back in 2012 because a friend backed out and out of desperation, I asked random colleagues if they would buy it from me and accompany me to the trip. I barely knew Beep back then but he was game even if it was last minute. We both didn't have money to splurge for the trip so we pitched a tent, got PHP20 showers, and hung out under a shade at the beach realizing how much interests we have in common. That's when our adventure started and we've been traveling together ever since. 

Something to check off your bucket list: 

Explore the entire Philippines - from Batanes to Tawi-Tawi! Already working on it.


Romantic destinations in the Philippines


Spend your valentines date in an extraordinary way! Instead of having a typical Valentine’s dinner date in a fancy restaurant, why not spend a romantic getaway with your loved one while exploring the beauty of the Philippines.



  Photo credit: @mcnifica

Photo credit: @mcnifica

📍 Cebu City

Plan your next romantic trip at the splendid island of Bantayan Island in Cebu where you can breathe peace with its beautiful islands that’s surrounded with rich waters and white sand beaches. Unwind and escape away from the city while lying under the shade by the shore, reading a book or just enjoying sipping coconuts with someone special.



  Photo credit: @i_am_levonc

Photo credit: @i_am_levonc


📍 Cavite

Put your love on top and traverse up this treacherous yet irresistible Mt. Pico de Loro in Maragondon, Cavite. Mt. Pico de loro (also known as Mt. Palay-Palay) is without a doubt one of the best places to see scenic views of vast waters and rugged mountains. It is also a must-climb hiking place for outdoorsy-lovers for an instagram-worthy romantic ovdate abe them all! (Literally!)



  Photo credit: @cesarsellon

Photo credit: @cesarsellon


📍 Ilocos Norte

Break out from an ordinary and get lost in translation with Paoay’s Sand Dunes Stretches that encompasses the towns of Currimao through to Pasuquin in Ilocos Norte. Go sand boarding and hop into a 4×4 off-road truck to complete a memorable date you’ll surely remember.



  Photo credit: @cristinedianelt

Photo credit: @cristinedianelt

📍 Ilocos Sur

For a hopeless romantic adventure, travel back to colonial Philippines in Vigan, the capital city of Ilocos Sur and one of the very few remaining Hispanic towns in the country. Fill both your eyes and hearts with Vigan’s timeless and well preserved beauty that’s perfect for a romantic stroll back in time.



  Photo credit: @thegaywanderlust

Photo credit: @thegaywanderlust

📍 Camiguin

Experience a romantic trip like no other at the naked temptress of Camiguin. Immerse in the moment in this inhabited island where you can relax and have the time of your life with someone you love.


Girl We Love: Danika Nemis


What do you do when you're not traveling?

When I’m not traveling, it feels like I’m still on a vacation because I live in La Union and the beach is just right in front of our house. I just surf and take care of my baby girl, Luna and we watch the sunset everyday.

What are your travel must-haves?

My travel must-haves are powerbank, VCO Virgin Coconut Oil to keep my skin moisturized, sunscreen and my favorite rose facial mist. 


What do you like most about Wink?

What I like the most about Wink is their branding. Most of their clients are fun, adventurous, always on the go and confident women like me! Also, when I get a service done, they make sure that I am very comfortable and well taken care of. 

How does Wink help you with your travels?

I wear bikinis all the time and it’s such a hassle to always bring razors and spend time and money on shaving. I am very thankful with Wink because now I am always beach-ready and I don’t have to worry about anything. And after each session, I feel more confident with my body. 


Best trip you've ever been on?

The best trip I’ve ever been on was the first time I went to Siargao. It made me appreciate the simple things in life. I was so amazed how beautiful the island and the people who live there were. My day on the island consisted of surfing, eating and hanging by the beach.

Do you have a travel bucket list? If yes, what countries/places are on it?

I wanna see the northern lights with my family and skydive in Utah and Africa!


What do you love about traveling?

What I love about traveling is being exposed to a different culture and having to try different local food and hearing different languages. It feels good and liberating to be someplace where nobody knows you. 

What has been one of your favorite dishes you've eaten while traveling?

I love Indonesian food. 


If you can be anywhere right now, where would you be and why?

If I could be anywhere right now, I’d wanna be in Aspen, Colorado skiing.

What's your go-to traveling hack/tip?

Always pack light. Wherever you go, make friends with the locals. 


Kimi Juan tells us what's in her suitcase


I love packing clothes I'm comfortable in. I own mostly Beachwear, but if I'll be getting on a plane I always pack a sweater, a light coat, and some joggers.

I always bring a toiletry bag with me when I travel, I cannot live without my skincare products, and it consists mostly of a cleanser, toner, SUNSCREEN (of course!), moisturizer, hair oil and tanning oil, perfume, hand cream and lip balm with SPF. 


I can never travel without my camera, no matter how heavy it is, I'll take it with me, and I can never leave home without a light pair of sandals.

I love taking a hat with me to protect my face from extra bright days, and a tote, because you always need one. Of course, my phone, just to stay connected to the folks back home and so I can keep up with socials, my passport (very important!) and headphones. I put all my essentials in my favorite suitcase from Away because it’s super light and durable!


I love earthy colors, I never wear anything with too much print on them, and i love keeping things simple with neutral colors. I love how neutral colors can be paired with anything and you can always mix and match outfits.


If I can share one packing tip or hack, it would be to keep things simple, don't overthink it! I used to hate packing but now I love it because I take only the essentials with me. I always create a list of things I need to bring for every travel and it helps me bring everything I need. In the past I've forgotten a lot of things while packing, and keeping a list makes things easier. Always bring a tote when traveling, always bring extra shoes, and always pack an extra set of clothes, just in case you're feeling spontaneous.


"Keep things simple, don’t overthink it!"

Photos all from Kimi Juan